On 14 September 2019 the new PSD2 directive will come into force. PSD2 will bring new requirements for authenticating online payments in Europe. 

What is PSD2?

PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) is a replacement for the earlier PSD1 framework which came into force in 2007. PSD2 came into effect across the European Union on January 13, 2018. The Payment Service Directive is a legislative framework that is designed to add elements of security and control to online financial transactions. The date by which all merchants must meet the technical requirements of the new directive is set as 14 September 2019.

PSD2 looks to ensure that robust and stringent authentication measures are used during “customer-initiated” online payments. This is known as Secure Customer Authentication (SCA).

How PCI Booking Supports PSD2 Compliance:

Fully complying with this new PSD2 regulation can be onerous for the online merchant. However, PCI Booking is an expert in delivering compliance solutions for online merchants, specifically in the travel industry.

To support you in your PSD2 needs we have:

  • Incorporated a 3-D secure prompt on our card capture forms. This allows you to meet the Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement.
  • Enhanced our tokenization mechanisms to allow you to capture, alongside the card details, the 3-D authentication token from a third party.
  • Enhanced our system to store, retrieve and relay the 3-D secure authentication token. This is then relayed to all of our integrated payment gateways via our Universal Payment Gateway. This makes the customer experience more seamless whilst upholding the SCA requirement.



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