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Universal payment gateway

Universal payment gateway

We’re pleased to announce our latest PCI Booking service: universal payment gateway integration, which streamlines integration for any payment gateway. It has been developed for merchants who have more than one gateway, and need to add gateways according to their business needs.




One API for all payment gateways


PCI Booking is payment gateway agnostic, enabling users to choose any payment gateway. Often, however, bookers and PMS vendors work with several payment gateways, requiring integration, which can take some time for customers.


With PCI Booking’s universal payment gateway API, merchants no longer need to spend time on multiple integrations: they only need to integrate once.


We currently support integration for the payment gateways listed below.

Per merchants’ request, we can easily add new payment gateways within days.


  1. Authorize.Net

  2. PesoPay

  3. Stripe

  4. WorldPay



  1. One time integration to all the payment gateways

  2. Easy and time saving בomprehensive solution



Bookers and PMS vendor


For more details, please see PCI Booking’s universal payment gateway integration API documentation: