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17 Sep 2018 · by Stephen Rutledge

Data breach casts unflattering light on British Airways’ data security protocols

26 Jul 2018 · by Stephen Rutledge

06 Apr 2017 · by Nettie

We live in a do-it-yourself world. See a Youtube video, and learn how to build your laptop from spare parts (with some missing instructions), or....

23 Mar 2017 · by Nettie

We've been participating in some travel-oriented events lately, and we were surprised at how many visitors lined up to speak to us about how to become PCI compliant.

03 Mar 2017 · by Nettie

Human error is a major cause of data breach – an amazing 62% in the UK, according to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

10 Feb 2017 · by Geoff Milton

You'd think it'd be simple for an OTA or a channel manager to find a payment gateway that processes secure payments online, encrypting data before it reaches the payment processor. It isn't.

22 Dec 2016 · by Geoff Milton

We suppose that some organizations handle so much payment card information daily, that they may lose sight of the risks involved. Certainly those in hospitality, with publicized breaches appearing in the media, don't fall in that category: they're well aware that they need to be PCI compliant, or face some heavy penalties and a damaged reputation.

22 Dec 2015 · by Geoff Milton

Until very recently only larger technology companies in the travel industry supply channel have been required to have their systems validated by acquirers in accordance with PCI DSS guidelines. With Visa's recent announcement, from January 2017 even small OTAsChannel Managers and Booking Engines will be affected. This means if a company does not have an accredited solution in place then they should start planning one immediately.

16 Dec 2015 · by Geoff Milton

Channel Managers play an important intermediary role in the supply chain.  They continuously receive payment card data from multiple Online Travel Agencies through an automated process using push and pull methodologies.


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