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PCI Booking is a specialist service provider that puts its customers in control of regulatory compliance responsibilities, meeting the needs of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Run from our secure cloud platform, we provide a range of XML services, messaging and payment solutions used extensively by the travel sector – online travel agents, travel management companies, channel managers, and hotels.
All of our services take you outside the scope of PCI DSS, saving you time and money, avoiding both the cost of PCI audit and the reputational damage – and expensive fines – that come with a data breach.
We have an Attestation of Compliance (AOC) through our parent company InterFAX, which means we have the highest level of PCI accreditation: Level 1 compliance. InterFAX is a global technology company that has been delivering enterprise-class messaging services to organizations and businesses for nearly 20 years – a rich heritage with knowledge and expertise that PCI Booking is able to leverage for a unique business service.
Taking advantage of the scale and elasticity of the cloud, our solutions are inexpensive to deploy and simple to implement. They can be up and running in little time.
PCI Booking offers OTAs,TMCs, Hotels, CRS and Channel Managers solutions to remove ALL payment card data from ALL of their systems, dramatically reducing the cost of PCI compliance.
Solutions include tokenization and card storage services; messaging services to securely handle and route payment card data to and from external parties and systems; and a secure browser ­based Portal to allow hotels to safely view reservation related messages along with the payment card data associated with their reservations.
Cyber security threats are increasing and demands for PCI compliance are becoming more onerous. PCI Booking allows you to tackle both and concentrate on your core business.