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Payment Security for the Travel Industry


PCI Booking is a specialist secure cloud based PCI service provider that helps customers control of their regulatory compliance responsibilities and meet the needs of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).


We provide a range of XML services, messaging and payment solutions used extensively by the travel sector – Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs), Channel Managers (CMs), Booking Engines (BEs), Property Management Systems (PMSs) and Hotels





All messages containing credit card data first pass
through PCI Bookings PCI Shield before reaching
your applications, ensuring that all sensitive data
is first tokenized and masked.

Streamlining tokenization with one integration point,
allowing customers to work with multiple third parties
such as Booking.com, Expedia and others without
the cumbersome requirement to integrate with each
partner separately.

Through the use of an algorithm designed to highlight
known credit card fraud characteristics, PCI Booking
offers risk assessment validation on captured credit
card data. Risk Assessment returns a ranked-score
that allows customers to determine the level of caution
that should be given to each transaction or reservation.

Card Over The Phone is a simple process which allows
merchants to request payment card details from customers.
Upon request, PCI Booking sends a link to a card capture
form to the client via email and/or text message (SMS).

Often, customers and PMS vendors need to use multiple
third-party payment gateways: sometimes, to reduce the
high cost of transactions; sometimes, to use a local
payment gateway for a regional transaction.

With PCI Messaging it is easy for those without a dedicated booking engine to both manage online bookings through our dedicated Portal and share card data with suppliers in a PCI compliant format.