Urgent Production Account Issues | PCI Booking

Urgent Production Account Issues

PCI Booking offers urgent support for production accounts. Urgent support is not available for sandbox account.

An urgent issue is defined as an issue that is affecting a client's ability from using their production account. All other issues should be directed at non-urgent channels.

To contact our urgent support lines:

Email PCI Booking urgent support

Please first email our support team at urgent@pcibooking.net and provide us with:

1. Your PCI Booking username, or the company name associated with your account. 

2. A full description of the issue you are having:

  • What you attempted, 
  • The resulting behaviour, 
  • If possible, a detailed example of the request that was sent to the API and the response that you received.

3. A description of the resulting behavior which was not as expected.

Call PCI Booking support

Once you have sent the email, you will receive a ticket ID for your questions. Please call our urgent hotline at one of the below numbers and provide the attendant with the ticket ID - they will contact our on-call support person who will immediately start working on resolving your issue.

Ireland +353 1 253 0554, Ext. 4
United Kingdom + 44 203 411 3843, Ext. 4
United States +1 346 223 0369, Ext. 4