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The PCI BOOKING service allows developers to easily integrate with. Most integration is RESTful-based, while some areas (in the portal) require HTML/CSS/JavaScript programing.

For each application area, a programming guide is available. This allows software architects and designers to have a broad view on the system operation and easily pick up those components which can fit the best different application scenarios.

For programmers who actually implement their applications with PCI BOOKING, there are two important areas to look at:

  • Programming Concepts, where general issues (e.g Authentication) and common conventions are covered
  • Method reference, with comprehensive examples


API Documentation

The PCI Booking service allows developers to easily integrate with their systems. 
Most integration is RESTful-based, while some areas (the portal) require HTML/CSS/JavaScript programming. 
We’ve provided a programming guide for each application area, providing. software architects and designers with a broad view of system operation and letting them easily pick up those components that best fit their different application scenarios.

Programmers who implement their applications with PCI Booking should look at:

- Programming concepts, covering general issues (e.g., authentication) and common conventions.
- Method reference, with comprehensive examples. 

See here the complete API documentation

Programming Concepts

This programming concepts section provides a general description of development requirements and parameters for PCI Booking, 
including program structure, variable declarations and, conditional and looping constructs.

Programming Concepts description

Authentication check method

PCI Shield Programming 

PCI Shield enables Bookers to outsource PCI DSS compliance, letting them send and receive customer's payment data securely. 
Data is tokenized, ensuring it never touches the Bookers' environment. 

PCI Shield Programming Guide

PCI Shield methods

Universal Payment Gateway Programming

With the PCI Booking API for universal payment gateways, developers can easily use a variety of payment gateways for processing credit cards tokenized with PCI Booking.

Universal Payment Gateway Programming Guide

Universal Payment Gateway methods

Administration API

This API service enables a Booker to manage the entire lifecycle of a Property: create and activate, retrieve/update Properties' details and close a Property.

Administration API - Managing Properties Programming Guide

Administration methods

PCI Messaging API

The PCI Messaging REST API enables bi-directional communication between Bookers and Properties. PCI Booking is PCI compliant, safeguarding messages containing sensitive payment card data.

PCI messaging API Programming Guide

PCI messaging methods

Method description - The complete list of methods