How to Personalize Emails | PCI Booking

How to Personalize Emails

The following emails can be sent to a property:

  1. Reset password email

  2. Activation email

  3. Notification email – for example, a new message sent from the Booker


All emails will be formatted with the Booker’s email branding.

The only emails in which the text can be personalized are:

  1. Activation emails

  2. Notification emails

Note - you can always resotre text to default.


Navigate to the Email Settings page using the following menu options:


The following general settings will be used in all the emails from the Booker:




Set your display sender email

Used as the email display sent to the properties


Enter Signature text



Default =

Kind Regards,
{|booker_name|} Team

Email footer text:

Editable rich text format (html). Can be the Brand footer. If not added, there will not be a footer display

No - delete default text, so it will not be displayed

Logo URL

Same as the brand logo


Button Settings


Button background color:

In HEX format, for example #FFFFFF

Yes - default = #FFFFFF

Button font color:

In HEX format, for example #FFFFFF

Yes - default = #333333